Lisa Blanks

I grew up in San Clemente, California. I was drawn to art, crafts, and photography from an early age and enjoyed creating paintings, jewelry, and art with oil pastels. I studied painters and artists of the past and was fortunate enough to take art classes through my elementary and middle school years. My family encouraged and inspired me to create art and try new techniques as far back as I can remember. Creating artwork filled my heart and soul with feelings that I can not describe. My Dad gave me my first camera when I was a teenager and I was excited to learn the art of photography. I attended San Clemente High School where my love for photography flourished under the instruction of a great teacher, Daniel McIntyre. I studied photography all four years in high school learning initially black and white photography with 35 mm film, how to develop the film and print photos in the dark room. I took one year of color photography and graphic design and learned how to use photoshop.

I specialize in capturing natural beauty and prefer to minimally alter or edit my photos. I strive to capture exactly what I see through my lens. I prefer landscape photography and travel whenever possible to new places to take photos. I started my business, Lisa B. Photographie, in 2021 and focus on sharing my work, growing my business and clientele with special event and portrait photography of families and children.

I have recently started creating paintings from my original photography and feel inspired once more with feelings that make my heart and soul happy. I also have completed my scuba diving certification and am learning underwater photography and videography. I am excited for this endeavor and the future it holds. I currently attend Saddleback College and am working towards my Associates Degree with the goal of transferring into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Orange Coast College.

I have worked in different types of settings; as a receptionist and medical assistant in medical and law offices, as a massage therapist and a manager in a Day Spa, and as assistant staff in an Elementary school. These experiences have taught me exceptional clerical and organizational skills, social skills, and given me a great work ethic. I currently live in Dana Point with my husband and four children. My children have the same interest in art and we often spend time together painting and trying new art techniques. Art and music inspires my family and I want to encourage and support their interests the same way my family did for me when I was young.