Membership Information

The San Clemente Art Gallery
Cosponsored by the City of San Clemente

The following is a brief review of the various activities of the Club. As a non-profit, volunteer organization, the Club expects each member to contribute time, talent and interest to the betterment of our organization. This is the only way to guarantee a flourishing future.

PURPOSE: To foster the appreciation of all facets of Arts and Crafts and to help develop San Clemente as an art center.

HISTORY: The Club was organized in 1953 with 7 charter members, by artist Lilian Finlay. The first art exhibition was in May of 1954. Both craft and portrait workshops have been an integral part of the Club since the 50’s. The current gallery location opened in March, 1972. At that time the gallery was dedicated in memory of artist Sandy Martin, honoring his many contributions to both the city of San Clemente and the Club. A plaque in his honor can be viewed at the Gallery.

SKETCH PAD: A monthly newsletter informs Club members of coming programs, scheduled events and Club news. A calendar of activities is included.

MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: Club meetings are held the second Sunday of each month. September through June, at 3:00 p.m. in the Ole Hanson Room (next to the gallery). Programs include lectures and demonstrations on art and craft with qualified speakers and demonstrators.

ART GALLERY: The Gallery is open weekdays from 12 to 4 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is no admission charge, the public is welcome. All members are eligible to enter art work in each of our 8 shows a year. Six of our shows are judged and two are not. With the exception of the annual “Paint San Clemente” theme show. (All members receive a copy of our Membership Directory which contains dates of shows, gallery rules and Club Constitution and By-laws.)

ART-CRAFT FAIR: A two day outdoor show held the 3rd week in August. Outside artists and craftspeople are invited to take part, but our members have early reservation privileges. This is an outstanding show, well attended by the public. Since this is our major fund raiser of the year, all members are urged to help out in one capacity or another. Read your Sketch Pad and volunteer!

MEMBERSHIP: Is open to anyone truly interested in the purposes of the Club. Apply on-line or download an application.

The Benefits of Belonging
By Rick J. Delanty

The San Clemente Art Assn has come a long way since 1953, with a seed group of seven members. Today the Association boasts 350 members on its roster, operates its own gallery, and presents eight shows a year, as well as hosting a plein-air paint out event with a national range and a summer art fair that sees thousands of visitors and tourists attracted to a varied display of artists’ creations.
The mission of the Association is to reach out to local artists and the community in meaningful and creative ways. Guest artists are invited to demonstrate. Professional jurors receive stipends to judge gallery shows that display work of both senior and younger artists. Dates are scheduled for painting in groups en plein air. A city-wide painting event allows artists of all abilities and skill levels to compete for awards alongside professionals. Scholarships are provided to high school and middle school art students. A first-ever cultural event in the City of San Clemente, a fine art auction this month at the Casino to benefit the Boys & Girls Club, features twenty artists, all of whom are members of the Association. Local art instructors receive hundreds of dollars to assist them in purchasing art materials for their students. Now the Association has its own website, to keep members informed, present events, and display the work of its members.

The benefits of joining the San Clemente Art Association are several. Artists can meet like-minded personalities, and experience a very real sense of belonging. Artists can gain knowledge, from each other, from professional demonstrators and jurors, from group exhibitions. In the same ways they can share knowledge with each other, and with members of the community who wish to know more about the group and the art it creates. Artists have multiple opportunities to share their artwork in gallery installations, and to exhibit in a public setting.
Having been a member of the Association for three decades, I’ve seen a myriad of changes in this organization, its attitudes, procedures, exhibitions and areas of focus. The Association is currently, in my view, at the height of its effectiveness in accomplishing all parts of its mission. It’s working. A forward-thinking vision, tireless planning and promotion, a core of dedicated volunteers, and a willingness to work together characterizes the organization. This is due in Large Part to the personal efforts of Pam Hill, Gallery Chairman and Jack-of-Everything else. She is the spearhead, the organizer, the one who holds it all together. The Association is modernizing because we are fortunate to have modern leadership. We can all thank Pam for all the benefits that are to be enjoyed as members of the San Clemente Art Association. In this positive environment, it is a pleasure to work together as artists.
Let’s all keep creating!