Gallery Show Registration

Registration Requirements:

Except for guest artists or special exhibits, gallery exhibitions shall be limited to members only. Members may enter up to three works of art in a  Judged or Public Choice Show with a registration fee of $15.00 for one entry, $25 for two entries, and $30 for 3 entries.

The horizontal width of an artist’s entry shall not exceed 48 inches. An artist’s entry will count as two entries if its horizontal  width, including frame, exceeds 36 inches. 

The above limitations of size of entries may be waived in individual cases at the discretion of the Gallery Chairman or Gallery Committee, if such a waiver is deemed to be in the best interest of the Association. (Paint San Clemente & the Plein Aire Competition will have separate registration requirements and fees)

Restrictions on Entries:

All entries shall conform to standards of good taste (no nudity, hate, or politics) and framing as determined by the Gallery Chairman, Gallery Committee or Registration Chairman. Their decision is final. All artwork must be signed on the front by the artist. An artist may not enter in a Judged Show any picture which is a copy of, or based on another artist’s painting, or a commercial photograph, or which has been painted in a class with teacher input. No work of art can be entered in a Judged Show more than once, or more than once a year in a Public Choice Show. All entries must have been started and completed within the last 5 years.

Framing Requirements:

All entries that are to hang on the Gallery walls must be framed and wired for hanging, with the exception of Photo or Graphic Art which does not necessarily have to be framed but must be properly mounted.

Painters may not choose to frame their artwork if the canvas is stretched over all sides of the stretcher bars, tacked in the back, and the painting is continued around all the sides (gallery wrapped at least 1.5 inches thick.

Explanatory Material:

Appendages may not be attached to either the picture or the frame that might render the work conspicuous. However, artists may submit explanatory material to be kept in a folder at the desk for reference by gallery visitors. Pictures for which explanatory material is available will be identified on the exhibition brochure with a footnote stating “Explanatory material available at the front desk”.

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