Jewelry Judging Guidelines


Thank you for judging our jewelry!  As you make your selection for first and second place, please consider that these are the criteria by which a jewelry artist considers a piece to be of fine quality.

1. Craftsmanship

The piece is of sound construction with secure clasps.   Endings are hidden or incorporated into design.  If beaded, there is even knotting, weaving or other joining.  If fabricated from metals, the metal is properly finished; rough or sharp edges are smoothed, cleaned, and polished.

2. Material quality

The piece has quality materials – sterling or gold filled components, no chipped or scratched beads or metals, quality stones, uniform beads.

3. Color selection

The piece has a pleasing palette to the eye and the selection of colors works within the piece – complementing each other and the focal piece, if there is one.

4. Originality

The piece has a unique, creative, one of a kind appeal with an interesting combination of materials and techniques.

5. Artistry

The piece has a pleasing artistry.