A new art show begins Wednesday April 28, 2021 from 12 to 4 PM.

Wednesday Noon to 4:00 PM
Thursday Noon to 4:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Masks covering the nose and mouth will be required in the gallery.

The gallery is located in the San Clemente Community Center, 100 N Calle Seville, and the entrance faces the library.

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The gallery will be closed until further notice.
California public health officials issued an updated policy on gatherings to protect public health and slow the spread of COVID-19. The state’s public health experts have determined that gatherings should be postponed or canceled across the state until the governor lifts restrictions.

The latest guidance from the city is that the gallery will not open until sometime in 2021.
The next art show schedule will be announced at a future time.

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