Jewelry Group Guidelines

Rose Walker and Doris Weinbaum are the Jewelry Group Co-chairs.   Please contact one of them if you are interested in joining the Jewelry Group.  Their contact info may be found in your membership booklet.  The Jewelry group is not Juried, but sometimes there may be a wait due to limited shelf space.  Please read the guidelines below to know the requirements of being a Jewelry Group member.

The jewelry is changed at the same time that the paintings in the gallery are changed. There are seven shows per year. The registration fee per show is $10 and each jewelry artist is required to enter one item for judging and gallery sit one time per show.

Here are the details for being a member of the group:

  1. Reserving Space

The gallery show schedule is listed in the SCAA membership booklet. Contact Doris Weinbaum by the Wednesday before a show ends and let her know if you plan to participate in the next show. When you let the Chairman know that you will be participating, she will reserve shelf space for you.

  1. Price Tags and Inventory Lists

All price tags must be typed with your name, the price for the piece and any description you want to provide. Attach your price tags to the jewelry in a place where it will show when the jewelry is displayed. Tags should be no larger than 2 x 2 inches.  Fill out the Jewelry Case Inventory sheet with all of your jewelry listed along with the price.

  1. Shelf Space and Displays

Each artist will be assigned one 14 x 12 inch shelf space. There are twelve shelves in the gallery and we do not have more than 12 jewelry artists at any one time. If less than 12 artists display during a given show, the remaining shelves will be shared with all the artists.

Jewelry displays are not provided.  Please provide your own in clear, white or black.  Label your displays with your name.

  1. Bags and Boxes

Bags are provided by the SCAA for jewelry purchases, but if you wish to provide your own boxes or bags you may bring some in and leave them in the lower left hand desk drawer. Please clearly mark them with your name and they will be used for your jewelry sales only.

  1. Judged Shows

Six of the seven annual shows have jewelry judging.  We do not participate in the judging of the Paint San Clemente show in June.   When you bring in your jewelry for the jewelry change, choose one of your items to be judged. Provide a short, typed description of the piece on a white card no larger than 3 x 5 inches. A tent card is acceptable.  There will be two judges who will judge our jewelry, using the guidelines we provide, to choose first and second prize winners. Winners will be announced at that show’s reception, which is the Sunday after the opening from 2-4 PM. First prize is $30 and second prize is $20.  All jewelry artists are encouraged to attend. If you cannot attend, please let someone else know so that they can pick up your award.  For more information, go to the Judging Guidelines page.

  1. Guidelines

We are looking for high quality handcrafted jewelry, so please bring us your best work. Please refer to the SCAA Jewelry Judging Guidelines document (Appendix I). We have outlined what the judges are looking for, but it can also be used as a guideline for what to display in our gallery. Things should be well constructed, well designed and attractive to customers. The better the jewelry, the more we sell, and the happier we all will be!

At the end of each show, all the jewelry you submitted for that show will be removed from the cases and you may put new items in for the next show. Unsold pieces may be displayed again, but not at a consecutive show.

  1. Jewelry Group Meetings and Special shows

The jewelry group meets from 1 – 2:30 pm on the Friday before each new show to change the jewelry in the cases and go over any news or decisions that need to be made by the group.  If the group wants to host extra jewelry shows in the gallery, the dates and plans for those shows are discussed at the meetings.  The dates are listed in the SCAA Membership Directory under Gallery Shows as the Pick-up Work day

Please arrive at 1 pm, have your jewelry priced and your inventory sheets near completion.  Shelves will be assigned by the jewelry chairman based on who has reserved space.  You will be responsible for displaying your own jewelry on your assigned shelf.

Revised July 29, 2016 by the SCAA  Jewelry Group