Yen Shen Shen

Yen Shen grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to Southern California in 1990 with her husband and two children. Yen Shen became interested in drawing at an early age. As a young child, Yen Shen entered art contests in her formative years and received recognition for her work. In college, she studied fashion and worked as a fashion designer in Taiwan for several years. Yen Shen began oil painting while studying painting technique under the artist Mr Michael Harrison in 2011. She has been painting with oil since. Yen Shen also practices ceramic art to continue advancing her design abilities. Joining the San Clemente Art Association has played a large role in Yen Shen’s development as an artist, there “art is no longer just a hobby”. During her time with the San Clemente gallery, she has received several recognitions, including a ‘Best of Show’.

“I am inspired by creation, the mountains, the trees, and the ocean. I most enjoy the natural beauty of the earth. Most of my works are inspired by these landscapes.
I create pieces not only for my own personal fulfillment, but to share with you all. I hope my work is something you can enjoy.” – Yen Shen

Contact info: [email protected]