Oil Land and Seascapes Submittals




Wine and Roses – J. Christman

The Weddind house 7008 – Connie Scherr

The Way It Used to Be = Christine massingill


Sunset San Clemente – Monika Wisberger

South Point – Ron Peterson

Sky’s the Limit – J. Christman

SJC Mission – Connie Scherr

Shore Cliff – Michael Downey

Sea Breeze – J. Christman

Sapphire Pool – Bill Givson

San Clemente Pier – Mary Scott

Photo Bomb – Mary Scott

On the Rocks – Jacqueline Price

Ole Mulege Baja Mx – Connie Scherr

Ocean view San Juan Capo – Christine Massingill

My Garden – Claire Messier

Lookout – Jacqueline Price

Forest Garden – Deborah Weinstein

Eucalyptus – Leslie Sweetland

Deborah Weinstein

Hydrangeas – Deborah Weinstein

Dans Van Christine Massingill


Crystal Craig – Patrick Howrigan

Blue and Green – Carmen Newlove

Beside the Orange Shutters – Yen Shen

Parade Ready

Parade Ready – Lana Perry

A Rocky Mountain Pass – Michael Downey

A Nod To the Wind – Lana Perry

Villagio Trails – Tom Fashing