Kathleen Robison

Kathleen Robison is an impressionist painter from Southern California who paints in the plein air “alla prima” fashion – meaning she mostly paints outdoors all in one sitting. She loves plein air painting because she is challenged to get the gist of a scene down in a limited amount of time.

Kathleen is passionate about landscape painting because there is always something new to paint, and the subject matter out in nature is truly unlimited. Kathleen graduated with a BFA in Graphic Arts and a BA in American Studies from Cal State Fullerton and has taken oil painting training from many workshops led by great artists in Southern California. She decided she wanted to become an impressionist painter after being inspired by the loose quick brushstrokes of the famous artists before her, such as John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, and William Wendt. Kathleen grew up in the Los Angeles area and now lives in Orange County, CA with her husband and children.

She paints the California coast and people around her that she loves, especially her children.

Kathleen won fourth place in the Paint San Clemente competition in 2004.
Kathleen won first place in the Paint San Clemente competition in 2008.