Arpad Petrass

“Photography should delight and excite the senses.” There are so many magical moments in life that if you were to just stop, pause and look around, you could begin to experience life’s extraordinary beauty and mysteries. “Just by giving ourselves the ‘gift’ of opening “our eyes” and be willing to see clearly, we will experience the wonder and magic on this planet like never before.”

“Photography can be classical, whimsical, spiritual, realistic, dramatic and breathe taking. A strong and bold image also has the power to shock, repulse, anger and incite an individual. So, I ask; Did the photograph want you to experience something or make you smile or feel happy? Did it bring you joy or sadness? Do you want to be “in” the image?

“What really matters to me is not how the photograph was created, but what emotions that photograph invoked in you. “

Arpad lives locally in Capistrano Beach, CA. He can be reached at: