Anka Haczkiewicz

My Sky Notes is a series of paintings that capture the sunset each day from San Clemente
beach. This has been my way to reconnect with myself and nature ever since moving to San
Clemente from New York back in Feb of 2021. In My Sky Notes, I want to capture the
beautiful symphony of emotions that the sky gives us each day. I want to note the feelings
and the power that the sky has as an unlimited place of our atmosphere and outer space. My
work was always strongly influenced by my surroundings. On the west coast, I have the
mental and physical space to create more open and more expressive art. I like to think of my
work as an impressionistic/expressionist. For me, it’s all about capturing the feeling and the
emotions of what I see. My paintings are quick notes, documents of what is surrounding me
daily, and a reminder to look up and connect with the world as time is passing.